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He was held captive, out of MORE Tweets by sirenbookstrand. Need Help? Visit our Help Desk Contact Us. For Readers. Follow Us. Cookies are disabled in your browser Please enable Cookies to use the site. When Cookies are enabled, please reload the page. She notes "Because her name is not Lolita, her real name is Dolores which as you know in Latin means dolour, so her real name is associated with sorrow and with anguish and with innocence, while Lolita becomes a sort of light-headed, seductive, and airy name.

The Lolita of our novel is both of these at the same time and in our culture here today we only associate it with one aspect of that little girl and the crassest interpretation of her. For Nafisi, the essence of the novel is Humbert's solipsism and his erasure of Lolita's independent identity. She writes: "Lolita was given to us as Humbert's creature […] To reinvent her, Humbert must take from Lolita her own real history and replace it with his own Yet she does have a past.

Despite Humbert's attempts to orphan Lolita by robbing her of her history, that past is still given to us in glimpses.

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One of the novel's early champions, Lionel Trilling , warned in of the moral difficulty in interpreting a book with so eloquent and so self-deceived a narrator: "we find ourselves the more shocked when we realize that, in the course of reading the novel, we have come virtually to condone the violation it presents A minority of critics have accepted Humbert's version of events at face value.

In , Dorothy Parker described the novel as "the engrossing, anguished story of a man, a man of taste and culture, who can love only little girls" and Lolita as "a dreadful little creature, selfish, hard, vulgar, and foul-tempered".

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This is no pretty theme, but it is one with which social workers, magistrates and psychiatrists are familiar. In his essay on Stalinism Koba the Dread , Martin Amis proposes that Lolita is an elaborate metaphor for the totalitarianism that destroyed the Russia of Nabokov's childhood though Nabokov states in his afterword that he "[detests] symbols and allegories ".

Amis interprets it as a story of tyranny told from the point of view of the tyrant. Nabokov finished Lolita on 6 December , five years after starting it. Via his translator Doussia Ergaz, it reached Maurice Girodias of Olympia Press , "three-quarters of [whose] list was pornographic trash". Lolita was published in September , as a pair of green paperbacks "swarming with typographical errors".

Eventually, at the very end of , Graham Greene , in the London Sunday Times , called it one of the three best books of The novel then appeared in Danish and Dutch translations. Two editions of a Swedish translation were withdrawn at the author's request. Despite initial trepidation, there was no official response in the U. Putnam's Sons in August The book was into a third printing within days and became the first since Gone with the Wind to sell , copies in its first three weeks.

The novel continues to generate controversy today as modern society has become increasingly aware of the lasting damage created by child sexual abuse. In , an entire book was published on the best ways to teach the novel in a college classroom given that "its particular mix of narrative strategies, ornate allusive prose, and troublesome subject matter complicates its presentation to students".

Many critics describe Humbert as a rapist , notably Azar Nafisi in her best-selling Reading Lolita in Tehran , [46] though in a survey of critics David Larmour notes that other interpreters of the novel have been reluctant to use that term. Nabokov biographer Brian Boyd denies that it was rape on the grounds that Dolores was not a virgin and seduced Humbert in the morning of their hotel stay. It bears many similarities to Lolita , but also has significant differences: it takes place in Central Europe, and the protagonist is unable to consummate his passion with his stepdaughter, leading to his suicide.

The theme of hebephilia was already touched on by Nabokov in his short story " A Nursery Tale ", written in Also, in the Laughter in the Dark , Margot Peters is 16 and had already had an affair when middle-aged Albinus becomes attracted to her.

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In chapter three of the novel The Gift written in Russian in —37 the similar gist of Lolita ' s first chapter is outlined to the protagonist, Fyodor Cherdyntsev, by his landlord Shchyogolev as an idea of a novel he would write "if I only had the time": a man marries a widow only to gain access to her young daughter, who resists all his passes.

Shchyogolev says it happened "in reality" to a friend of his; it is made clear to the reader that it concerns himself and his stepdaughter Zina 15 at the time of Shchyogolev's marriage to her mother who becomes the love of Fyodor's life.

Nabokov used the title A Kingdom by the Sea in his pseudo-autobiographical novel Look at the Harlequins! In Nabokov's novel Pale Fire , the titular poem by fictional John Shade mentions Hurricane Lolita coming up the American east coast in , and narrator Charles Kinbote in the commentary later in the book notes it, questioning why anyone would have chosen an obscure Spanish nickname for a hurricane.

There were no hurricanes named Lolita that year , but that is the year that Lolita the novel was published in North America. The unfinished novel The Original of Laura , published posthumously, features the character Hubert H. Hubert, an older man preying upon then-child protagonist, Flora.

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Unlike those of Humbert Humbert in Lolita , Hubert's advances are unsuccessful. The novel abounds in allusions to classical and modern literature. Many are references to Humbert's own favorite poet, Edgar Allan Poe. Humbert Humbert's first love, Annabel Leigh, is named after the "maiden" in the poem " Annabel Lee " by Poe; this poem is alluded to many times in the novel, and its lines are borrowed to describe Humbert's love.

A passage in chapter 11 reuses verbatim Poe's phrase A variant of this line is reprised in the opening of chapter one, which reads In a princedom by the sea. Humbert is not, however, his real name, but a chosen pseudonym. Chapter 26 of Part One contains a parody of Joyce 's stream of consciousness. He even called Carroll the "first Humbert Humbert". In her book, Tramp: The Life of Charlie Chaplin , Joyce Milton claims that a major inspiration for the novel was Charlie Chaplin 's relationship with his second wife, Lita Grey , whose real name was Lillita and is often misstated as Lolita.

Although Appel's comprehensive Annotated Lolita contains no references to Charlie Chaplin, others have picked up several oblique references to Chaplin's life in Nabokov's book. Lolita's first sexual encounter was with a boy named Charlie Holmes, whom Humbert describes as "the silent When Humbert visits Lolita in a class at her school, he notes a print of the same painting in the classroom. Delaney's article notes many other parallels as well. The foreword refers to "the monumental decision rendered December 6, by Hon. John M. Woolsey in regard to another, considerably more outspoken book"—that is, the decision in the case United States v.

In chapter 35 of Part Two, Humbert's " death sentence " on Quilty parodies the rhythm and use of anaphora in T. Eliot 's poem Ash Wednesday.

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Many other references to classical and Romantic literature abound, including references to Lord Byron 's Childe Harold's Pilgrimage and to the poetry of Laurence Sterne. In addition to the possible prototypes of Lewis Carroll and Charlie Chaplin mentioned above in Allusions , Alexander Dolinin suggests [58] that the prototype of Lolita was year-old Florence Horner , kidnapped in by year-old mechanic Frank La Salle, who had caught her stealing a five-cent notebook. La Salle traveled with her over various states for 21 months and is believed to have raped her.

He claimed that he was an FBI agent and threatened to "turn her in" for the theft and to send her to "a place for girls like you. Had I done to Dolly, perhaps, what Frank Lasalle, a fifty-year-old mechanic, had done to eleven-year-old Sally Horner in ? German academic Michael Maar 's book The Two Lolitas [59] describes his recent discovery of a German short story titled "Lolita" whose middle-aged narrator describes travelling abroad as a student. He takes a room as a lodger and instantly becomes obsessed with the preteen girl also named Lolita who lives in the same house.

Maar has speculated that Nabokov may have had cryptomnesia "hidden memory" while he was composing Lolita during the s. Maar says that until Nabokov lived in the same section of Berlin as the author, Heinz von Eschwege pen name: Heinz von Lichberg , and was most likely familiar with his work, which was widely available in Germany during Nabokov's time there.

Nothing of what we admire in Lolita is already to be found in the tale; the former is in no way deducible from the latter.

One of the first things Nabokov makes a point of saying is that, despite John Ray Jr. Nabokov adds that "the initial shiver of inspiration" for Lolita "was somehow prompted by a newspaper story about an ape in the Jardin des Plantes who, after months of coaxing by a scientist, produced the first drawing ever charcoaled by an animal: this sketch showed the bars of the poor creature's cage".

In response to an American critic who characterized Lolita as the record of Nabokov's "love affair with the romantic novel", Nabokov writes that "the substitution of 'English language' for 'romantic novel' would make this elegant formula more correct". Nabokov concludes the afterword with a reference to his beloved first language, which he abandoned as a writer once he moved to the United States in "My private tragedy, which cannot, and indeed should not, be anybody's concern, is that I had to abandon my natural idiom, my untrammeled, rich, and infinitely docile Russian language for a second-rate brand of English".