Allyu Andina: Empire of the Sun

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In later years, Franz Joseph characterized his policy of yielding territory with one hand while fighting for it with the other as honest but stupid, whereas the chancellor Friedrich Ferdinand, Graf count von Beust , called the agreement the most shocking document that he had ever seen.

The victories gained by the Austrian Army in the south, moreover, could not prevent the loss of Venetia, so that Austria found itself expelled from Italy as well. The appointment of the Saxon premier, Beust, as Austrian prime minister in shows that initially Franz Joseph was once again unwilling to accept the decision. Franz Joseph. Article Media. Info Print Print. Table Of Contents.


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The city seemed to be one gigantic military camp. Troops passed and repassed. The rumble of artillery was a familiar sound, and occasioned little specific interest. The crowds were smaller already. Thousands of men had enlisted. They had been talking about war for months. They were prepared. Fenton found Varden at the Palace, The latter was coming down the corridor which led from the personal suite of the King. Silently Varden gripped the hand of the Canadian, and for a moment did not speak. Varden turned and led the way down the corridor through knots of officials, and through the ante-chamber where stood a few chosen friends and councillors, conversing in low tones, to a small detached office.

The Princess arrived this morning with Mlle. Petrowa, and that strange fellow, Crane, you picked up en route. In fact, a match is already spoken of. Fenton nodded. Anna and Crane had said nothing about the ceremony over the tongs. Fenton stood up, restraint and determination mingling in his bearing. I want to be right up at the front. Dynasties are unstable things in the Balkans, Don. Still, I am counting on the mutual jealousy of the leaders to provide the means for Olga to step quietly into her rights.

Fenton straightened up. In the face of this hint of a possible plot against the woman he loved, all mental uncertainty vanished. If money would be any inducement to quiet these trouble makers. Never fear, she shall be Queen of Ironia. Gusts of wind found their way inside, causing the candle that stood on a small table beside him to flicker uncertainly. From a distance came the steady rumble that told of transport wagons on the move. Fenton wore the uniform of a cavalry officer. Two days had passed since the death of King Peter, interminable days of torture and mental travail to the young Canadian.

Olga was now Queen of Ironia. A great and shining future was before her. An Empire lay within her grasp. What part could he, an alien and a commoner, expect to play in that future? True, she had married him; but when matters of state were hanging in the balance, a gypsy marriage over the tongs would be counted of little consequence. In any case, who were there who knew of that romance of the hills? Anna Petrowa and Crane shared the secret, with himself and Olga — no one else. He must go away.

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If it were deemed necessary to resort to the church for a proper dissolution of the bonds, he would render every assistance in his power. But this perhaps would not be necessary—for he was going to the front, a soldier of Her Serene Majesty, Queen Olga. That there was no other course open to him was quite clear. His presence would distress her, render the part she had to play more difficult for her.

To save her the painful task of breaking off the relationship between them, he must go. The two days had been busy ones; which was fortunate, for his mind had been kept occupied.

‘To the last man’—Australia’s entry to war in 1914

He had been given a post in a cavalry brigade. With an almost savage absorption he had plunged into the stern duty of fitting himself for the work at the front and the multitudinous duties that fell to his lot. With grim but keen anticipation he had practised with the finely balanced sabre and the brace of revolvers that constituted his impleContinued on Page No trooper rides in the charge with more reckless daring and insatiable determination than the man whose heart is filled with a tragedy of love; Fenton would undoubtedly prove a first-class fighting man. That day at noon he had seen Phil Crane off with the artillery.

The voluble Englishman had some knowledge of guns and nothing would satisfy him but a post with the very first batteries that lumbered off for the front. Accordingly, being a most arrogant fellow as has perhaps already been demonstrated, Crane had bluntly informed Anna of his intention of marrying her before leaving and had then dragged her off to a church ; the little dancer, truth to tell, being quite as willing, under a pretence of reluctance, as himself. Fenton had witnessed the ceremony. See you at the front. Along with this practice there had grown up another, ad The pride of the old republic had been exclusive, but under the Empire the maxim was accepted that neither birth nor race should exclude a subject from any post which his abilities deserved.

This principle, which had removed all obstacles from the path of the Spaniard Trajan, the Thracian Maximin, the Arabian Philip, was afterwards extended to the conferring of honour and power on persons who did not even profess to have passed through the grades of Roman service, but remained leaders of their own tribes.

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  5. Ariovistus had been soothed by the title of Friend of the Roman People; in the third century the insignia of the Edition: current; Page: [ 16 ] consulship d were conferred by Gallienus on Naulobatus a Herulian chief: Crocus and his Alemanni entered as an independent body into the service of Rome; along the Rhine whole tribes received, under the name of Laeti, lands within the provinces on condition of military service; and the foreign aid which the Sarmatian had proffered to Vespasian against his rival, and Marcus Aurelius had indignantly rejected in the war with Cassius, became the usual, at last the sole support of the Empire, in civil as well as in external strife.

    Thus in many ways was the old antagonism broken down—Romans admitting barbarians to rank and office, barbarians catching something of the manners and culture of their neighbours. And thus when the final movement came, and the Teutonic tribes slowly established themselves through the provinces, they entered not as savage strangers, but as settlers knowing something of the system into which they came, and not unwilling to be considered its members; despising the degenerate provincials who struck no blow in their own defence, but full of respect for the majestic power which had for so many centuries confronted and instructed them.

    Their feelings towards the Roman Empire. Great during all these ages, but greatest when they were actually traversing and settling down in the Empire, must have been the impression which its elaborate machinery of government and mature civilization made upon the minds of the Northern invaders.

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    With arms whose fabrication they had learned from their foes, these children of the forest conquered well-tilled fields, and entered towns whose busy workshops, marts stored with the productions of distant countries, and palaces rich in monuments of Edition: current; Page: [ 17 ] art, equally roused their wonder.

    To the beauty of statuary or painting they might often be blind, but the rudest mind must have been awed by the massive piles with which vanity or devotion, or the passion for amusement, had adorned Milan and Verona, Arles, Treves, and Bordeaux. A deeper awe would strike them as they gazed on the crowding worshippers and stately ceremonial of Christianity, most unlike their own rude sacrifices. The social and political system, with its cultivated language and literature, into which they came, would impress fewer of the conquerors, but by those few would be admired beyond all else.

    Its regular organization supplied what they most needed and could least construct for themselves, and hence it was that the greatest among them were the most desirous to preserve it. Except Attila the Hun, there is among these terrible hosts no destroyer; the wish of each leader is to maintain the existing order, to spare life, to respect every work of skill and labour, above all to perpetuate the methods of Roman administration, Their desire to preserve its institutions.

    Titles conferred by him were the highest honours they knew: they were also the only means of acquiring something like a legal grant of authority, a claim to the obedience of the provincial subject, and of turning a patriarchal or military chieftainship into the regular sway of an hereditary monarch. Civilis had long since endeavoured to govern his Batavians as a Roman general. In ruling our nation we hold ourselves but your lieutenants: you, whose divinely-appointed sway no barrier bounds, whose beams shine from the Bosphorus into distant Gaul, employ us to administer the remoter regions of your Empire: your world is our fatherland.

    A contemporary historian has recorded the remarkable disclosure of his own thoughts and purposes, made by one of the ablest of the barbarian chieftains, Athaulf the West Goth, the brother-in-law and successor of Alarich. But when experience taught me that the untameable barbarism of the Goths would not suffer them to live beneath the sway of law, and that to abolish the laws on which the state rests would destroy the state itself, I chose the glory of renewing and maintaining by Gothic strength the fame of Rome, desiring to go down to posterity as the restorer of that Roman power Edition: current; Page: [ 19 ] which I could not replace.

    Wherefore I avoid war and strive for peace. The records of the time, scanty as they are, shew us how valuable was the experience of Roman officials to princes who from leaders of tribes had become rulers of wide lands; and in particular how indispensable the aid of the Christian bishops, the intellectual aristocracy of their new subjects, whose advice could alone guide the policy of the conqueror and secure the good-will of the vanquished. Not only is this true; it is but a small part of the truth, one form of that manifold and overpowering influence which the old system exercised over the intruding strangers not less than over its own children.